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Somerset Catalog is Kim Baxter, Georgina Guidotti, John Kuker, Brigid McAuliffe, Bryce Merrill, and Trevor Trumble. Previous bands include Bela Karoli (McAuliffe), Everything Absent or Distorted (Kuker, Trumble, Merrill), and Rabbit is a Sphere (Guidotti). Band members (Kuker, Merrill, McAuliffe, Trumble) are also co-owners of Misra Records, a label with releases by Phosphorescent, Destroyer, Great Lakes Swimmers, Shearwater, and Centro-matic, among others.



Denver-based band Somerset Catalog released its debut album, Lonely Fang on October 21, 2015. Released by Misra Records, a label with a history of storied releases by Destroyer, Great Lake Swimmers, Phosphorescent, and others. Lonely Fang, recorded in Denver and produced by Eric Allen (Apples in Stereo and Howling Hex) continues Misra’s tradition of releasing solid rock and roll records.

Having formed from the ashes of several noted Colorado bands such as Bela Karoli, Everything Absent or Distorted (a love story), and Rabbit Is a Sphere, Somerset Catalog’s long history of playing and writing, and its collaborative nature led to well-thought out music which sways effortlessly between melancholic doom-pop and jubilant indie rock. The band makes music that moves between desperate longing and loud resignation, music with an unspoken, lurid past doing dark things that scratch the sheen.

Lonely Fang is filled with drum machines and synthesizers, stories of broken elbows and lock-step lives, mania and shaking windows. Adolescent influences like Robert Smith and Robert Pollard shimmer like a hook. One of the songs has the band melodically shouting the refrain “This is your year”. Somerset Catalog somehow makes you believe them.



The photographs that adorn our new album Lonely Fang were generously permitted for use by refugees in the Picture Me Here program. Picture Me Here (PMH) is a storytelling program primarily for refugees and immigrants. Photography, video, animation and writing are taught as creative tools for self expression, social engagement, community building, leadership, and integration. To learn more and help support them, please visit Picture Me Here

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